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They offer an extensive and diverse catalog of books that appeal to an equally varied set of audiences.

Unfortunately, the depth of experience and quality they are known for was not always properly reflected in their website.

"The people who use this service are, with few exceptions, believing and practicing Catholics who really want to have a totally Catholic family. And many of the Ave Maria members are full of fun as well. I have answered questions on the "Ask Father" feature, and I went on the AMS cruise last December to the Caribbean.

They’ve gone to extreme, and even comical lengths, to reverse the trend.

Last year, we told you about the Danish government’s “Do it for Denmark” ad campaign.

AMP decided that their best option was to start fresh with a new website. Devoting the first few months to listening, discussing and planning with AMP, we learned everything we could about their business operations, from customer profiles to their system for fulfilling orders.

After several rounds of discussion and proposals, we developed a comprehensive plan for a new website that would accomplish exactly what they wanted.

This “birth dearth,” as it’s called, poses economic and social challenges to much of Europe, as well as Japan, South Korea, and even China.

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