Autocad block attributes not updating dating delilah judah


I have run into problems with some of the fields updating.At times they will update and other times they won't.The block on the right was inserted into this drawing using the INSERT command. FIELDEVAL is set to 31 based on what I've read in other posts.Not sure what the difference would be, but I've been seeing it for the past week while creating the new blocks.Or, if you prefer a more cautious approach, WBlock it to a revised file name.Purge the updated drawing from the Master Block drawing and you are ready for the next one.That data can be displayed as text indicating a residential lot number, building identification, slope, material, quantity, or anything else.When a user edits that data, a dialog box opens and presents the attributes in a specific order.

Patrick Hughes describes how he has simultaneously updated many blocks in one Auto CAD file.

"Solution: Try copying the attributes off to one side at a set measurement, by selecting them one at a time in the order that you want them to be prompted.

Once you are done copying, erase all the previous attributes.

If an attribute has a variable value, such as the asset number of a computer, you will be prompted when you insert the block.

If a multiple-line attribute makes a round trip to an earlier release of Auto CAD, the differences between these two types of attributes might result in truncating very long lines of text and loss of formatting.

However, before any characters are truncated, Auto CAD displays a dialog box that lets you cancel the operation.

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