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It's a one-stop-shop package deal of internet-enabled awkwardness! The most pernicious part of online dating is that it creates the illusion of a universe of infinite possibilities.You can go out with a new person every night if you want to, and it's easy to go into these things feeling fatalistic, like there's always something better around the corner, an infinitely recurring chain of identical coffee dates.

The inevitable breakup: After suffering through six weeks of lectures on the evils of gluten, you finally snap when he makes a passive aggressive comment about your croutons at the Central Market salad bar. You offer to buy her a shot and somehow get suckered into buying them for five of her friends as well. While you could probably leave to meet your friends at Star Bar without anyone noticing, you wait it out in hopes that your patience... It soon emerges that everything you’ve done, said, or sent has been shared via group text and that every single one of them has the ability to perfectly imitate your O-face.

Led by Russell, the ensemble cast is outstanding, but the real star of the film is Rob Bottin's imaginative creature effects.

Even though we're aware of the tragic trajectory of the singer's life, for a while it almost seems as if reality got it wrong and Curtis might just squeak past the reaper's scythe with no more than a shave and a haircut.

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Struggling for some unique date ideas for Valentine's Day? Or, are you flying solo and trying to find something fun to do on Singles Awareness Day?

This is your first time here, and you’re not quite brave enough to shed your bottoms, but you admire the fact that Spirit is not only comfortable enough to bare his gnarly man bush, but to partake in naked Tai Chi.

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