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Respect is a feeling of admiration or deference toward a person, child, non-human animal, group, ideal, or indeed almost any entity or concept, as well as specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem.Respect can be a specific feeling of regard for the actual qualities of the one respected (e.g., "I have great respect for her judgment").The Philippine Culture is a mixture based on ancient aboriginal tribes, 500 years of Spanish colonisation, 50’s America and the 80’s disco era. Spain brought the Catholic faith to the Philippines in the 1500’s.Today traditional conservative families retain a high regard for the sanctity of marriage and believe the relationship between husband and wife to be the foundation of society.The sites for Asian dating are popular among the Asians specifically.

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An honorific is a word or expression (often a pronoun) that shows respect when used in addressing or referring to a person or animal.

Typically honorifics are used for second and third persons; use for first person is less common.

Some languages have anti-honorific first person forms (like "your most humble servant" or "this unworthy person") whose effect is to enhance the relative honor accorded a second or third person.

She titled her head at the last minute and the bullet raked through her face from eye to lips, knocking her unconscious.

The two men stuffed her limp body into a gunny bag and threw it into the river, then drove off, confident that they had restored the family’s “good name”.

“I am delighted that A Girl in the River has started a national discussion,” Ms Obaid-Chinoy told The Telegraph.

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