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Anurag Mehta does a fine job at the helm and gives the audience a great deal of respect for spirituality and is idealistic when it comes to the way we handle conflicts today. If you want to check out this short (and I know you will!

the good people with blog tv, fizix (an amazing street wear and urban boutique in north park), and magec (local promotion company) are putting together a huge concert with youtube celebrities to raise money for the children's hunger fund.Although I agree that his image will forever be linked to issues of racially-biased casting in Hollywood, there is something to be said about this durable actor.I want to remember him in a positive way, I would not want people dancing on my grave especially when I am an actor who needs to make money, and the only I can do it is to take a role that deservedly belonged to an Asian (a great one in Bruce Lee). So, that being said, "The Trident" is David Carradine's last short film, and I am proud to recommend this as the Asian-American film of the week.of that partnership, the transformers comic and a tv show were born, including the popular optimus prime and megatron, but also a slew of other characters that were unnamed within the original toy line-up."in korea, genres like animation and cartoons are not highly valued and belittled by the mass audience--" explained my friend, sun-mi.terrific artista inquiry is only one of the numerous things to watch out for in the nation's greatest and most awesome new year commencement.learned a lot, we created some sdaff buzz in the apple store, and now we're ready to get the whip crackin' with a couple of shooting and editing exercises back at arts this week, before we begin camera checkout and get student projects from concept to completion!

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