Aquarius male and pisces female dating


Some are absorbed in the dreams and visions of the human family.

They might do this as visionaries, artists, stylists or proprietors.

I have known an Aquarian man for a few years through a mutual friend. I mouthed in a whisper to the mutual friend, “I think I am in love with him.” She smiled and said, “I know.” The mutual friend is a very truthful and terribly insightful Sagittarius that is like a sister to me and to him.

Recently, we were all talking and I realized the depth of my feelings for him.

To understand their natures, you must understand that both are engaged in transpersonal energies bigger than themselves.Both want to contribute to the healing and evolution of all life. Aquarius and Pisces are chums on the Zodiac, but different rhythms and elements mean there can be clashes.Aquarius is an air sign, and notorious for being coolly detached. One cold look from the Waterbearer in full winter chill mode, makes sensitive Pisces go into hiding, or swim away.Pisces woman on the other hand is a complete woman with all the feminine charms and tricks.Her personality traits include a complex mix of emotions, sensitivity and vulnerability.Let's not of course forget Nicolaus Copernicus and our very own modern-day brainiac, Stephen Hawking.

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