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The Internet has developed into a vast and complex network that has had great impact and become essential to businesses, schools, government agencies and various information systems in organisations.

There is no doubt that the Internet has become an indispensable part of life for many people.

As the web has grown as a form of communication, it’s funny to think that we are actually returning back to our written communication roots!

But, oh how different communicating by "keyboard" in the 21st century is from the type or hand written communications of the past. It is always good to read your note, letter, or request out loud before you send it.

It explores the dangers associated with unsupervised Internet access.

Chat rooms and instant messaging are the mediums that facilitate some of the key issues and problems within this topic.

I mean, rather than just your career, the way you feel about... I definitely think, you know, my long, curly hair was a big part of me.

And I said, "Yeah, sure." Host: Now, has it changed you personally?

By far the most popular activities in Virtual Places are tours of the Web.Introduction Millions of surfers use Internet chat rooms.An Internet chat room is a place where conversations take place between two or more people using their keyboards to write messages on to the screen, which are then published in a virtual room.The IT solutions to the problem are investigated through an evaluation of parental control services offered by America Online (AOL) and software packages available at the marketplace.This paper investigates an area of concern that is echoed by government reports and research statistics, namely, what causes the large percentage of non-deployment of these solutions? And I cut my hair and, you know, it looks great, I hope you guys don't mind. Then about two weeks before we came back to do the second season, the producers called me and said, you know, would you actually mind cutting your hair? We think it would be real for a college girl to go through this break up, then cut her hair.

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