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Like many women my age who have used dating apps, I'd much rather have a kitschy love story about how we met in a coffee shop when our eyes locked over pumpkin spice lattes. We haven’t stopped seeing each other since that night.

But no matter how mainstream Tinder—or any other dating app—becomes, it never has really lost its stigma.

After a long day exploring the city or working with business associates, it’s time to relax at our on-site bar or tuck into a three course meal at our contemporary yet family-friendly restaurant.

We’ve also got a Costa coffee bar, so you can get a much-needed pick-me-up to get your start your day right.

- Christmas celebrations in Dublin this year were muted in comparison with pre-war years.

The events of the war and its extended nature – with no end yet in sight – cast a pall across the city.

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So why do women believe their dating lot is particularly sucky?

The forming of friendships and romantic relationships is a vital part of one's life, of being human.

Loving relationships are an important part of the human condition.

There are a few dating websites which cater for disabled people and a few mainstream websites which include disabled people.

We hope to break down old historical and cultural prejudices / barriers between people, and facilitate respect, full equality, understanding, friendship and unity between people.

I used to dread the question: "So, how'd you guys meet?

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