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This includes formats typically not recognised by i Tunes, including . VLC can get around the requirement for i Tunes using a variety of methods, my favourite of which is Wi-Fi file transfer., which (when tapped) will return a URL that looks something like Provided your computer is on the same network as your i OS device, you will be able to upload files by visiting the URL in a web browser and dragging and dropping media. With this new application for Windows you can store all your ctrl c's instantly online. saves its users clicks between Copy and Paste commands by offering a variety of further uses for copied content.

- Live webcam or streaming for i Phone, out of your pocket.

Just in case you don’t already have it installed, here’s what you’ve been missing out on.

VLC for i OS has a few standout features that users coming from Android and other, less strictly-controlled environments take for granted. For the full list, check out the official list of supported file formats.

To make a Video Call To make a Voice Call To send an Instant Message To send an SMSCommunity Q&A Make use of your Skype account for video and voice calls, instant messaging and more even when you’re not at your computer.

All you need is the Skype app for i Pad and an Internet connection and you’re all set.

and loading up on media without the need to pair your phone with an i Tunes library.

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