Andre merritt chris brown dating

It was first released for digital download on November 2, 2007.

The song's musical structure differs from Brown's previous work, opting for a more European techno dance sound.

Almost at the end of the song Wet The Bed by Chris Brown and Ludacris from Chris' newest album "F.

E" a girl sings in the background of the chorus with Brown.

Raz B has written a "tell-all" book about his alleged molestation by Chris Stokes and he goes further by claiming Chris Brown, Ray J, Omarion, Bow Wow and the members of his group "B2k" are gay!

Deets below: Video Throwback: B2K Live Performance Via Euroweb: In a new book, among others, Raz B calling out Bow Wow, Chris Brown and Ray J as being gay, according to a PRLog press release “This Boy’s Life”, a tell-all book by the former B2k member is on course to rock the music world.

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But the longer he stays silent, the easier it is for people to believe Martyn wholeheartedly.Chris Brown didn’t think about that when he attacked me online.I have a friend that’s very close to Chris’ camp who told me that Chris was involved with an up and coming songwriter Andre Merritt.To this day, I think he still has those images.” “Me and Boog (Jarell Houston, known as J. Fizz and Omari (Omarion) however seemed a lot easier to take advantage of.I suspect it was because Fizz was so much younger and Omari was just gay.” Raz also spoke on his peers stating: “Ray J was cool at first.Over the weekend, Meek tweeted, We shall see how this one play's out. But rumor has it that the alleged book features explosive allegations about former B2K members (Omarion, Lil' Fizz, J Boog), Bow Wow, Ray J, Chris Stokes and Chris Brown all being gay.

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