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This month they missed connections — she flew to France for vacation the same day he flew to NYC for business — yet Lillian managed to line up two dates with another Frenchman Meetic member while in Paris.

“I was talking to guys in Italy, France and Sweden all at once,” she brags.

The prospect of dating someone that grew up in a foreign place can be scary – and sometimes downright terrifying.

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Going along with the flow simply to make a man happy is necessary at times, but if done for too long can become extremely tiresome and taxing.e Harmony matched her with Peter, a 30-year-old Slovakian living in England.After months of Webcam chats, Susan hopped the pond for a face-to-face.The idea is that you would at least drop the rest if you find a good connection with one.You might want to specify where you're moving to though as Europe is a huge place!I've been told that the European attitude and approach to dating is a lot different: there are far fewer "rules" and games, and multi-dating is rare. For any of you who have lived and dated on both continents, is there any advice you can share?

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