Amateur video chat and game online


The problem with wired connections is they are not always available. If you don't have access to a wired connection or you are using a Wi-Fi only device like an Android device or an i Phone, this limits your options. Theoretical speeds don't consider real word factors, like distance and interference.

But, even if conditions are perfect, you can't achieve the maximum theoretical speed.

As 360-degree video goes mainstream, this DYI tinkerer offers tips as he finds ways to use the immersive technology for live events like CES 2016.

In just five months, Khoi Nguyen took his curiosity to the cutting edge of 360-degree video making, a fledgling trend poised to become pervasive in 2016.

The phones and the DVR started running updates in the background.

Express yourself in vivid detail like never before.

Integrated with your full-featured Leage website, the SI Play Mobile App connects coaches with their teams, and players with each other.

Take all of your scheduling, messaging and team sharing on the go and never miss out on a game moment.

Coupled with the Senz3D's depth sensor, it provides added protection with enhanced anti-spoofing during authentication.

Chat in stunning 720p HD quality on Skype with your loved ones.

And yet, when you’re playing with others, the open road inspires a calm camaraderie.

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