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Thomas tried to claim that the hosts likely didn't understand business to the same degree he did which led to Velshi spanking him like a naughty school boy.“You should fire your press person because if they didn’t tell you that you were coming on T. with Velshi and Ruhle, who I think collectively—I don’t want to give away Stephanie’s age—but between the two of us we have been doing this for about 50 years," he said.MSNBC's Ali Velshi exposed Trump's Voter Fraud agent Kris Kobach as the hack he is by highlighting how Kobach went after a dead person who voted to prove his point, but in reality the person in question was very much alive. has a voter fraud problem by any measure imaginable, by frauds like Kobach are only interested in purging voters from the state rolls and enacting Voter ID laws so they have come up with their "dead people" nonsense to try and give them some leverage to proceed."You actually went after a particular voter who you said was dead and voted in an election, and it turned out that the guy was very much alive," Velshi stated. It's up to the states to maintain their voter roles and if there are inaccuracies on them then it's their job to correct them.VELSHI: I hope the market is as cruel to me next year as it was last year.I hope I suffer through another 70 percent gain in the broader markets, Keith.

There was an immediate connection between them and in no time they started dating.Watch MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Get Everything Wrong About Dick Durbin in 7 Seconds (The Washington Free Beacon) MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi made three factual errors about Sen.Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) in less than seven seconds on Thursday.Velshi has covered a wide range of breaking news events and global affairs throughout his career, including U. presidential elections, ISIL and the Syrian refugee crisis, the Iran nuclear deal from Tehran, the tensions between Russia and NATO from Eastern Europe and the High Arctic, the debt crisis in Greece, the funeral of Nelson Mandela, and the global financial crisis.Before joining NBC News and MSNBC, Velshi hosted “Ali Velshi On Target,” a nightly primetime show on..."I don't know who your people thought you were going on TV with today, but you can't lie about the economy to us," said an outraged Velshi at one point.

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