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An audience packed with 20,000 ravenous fans (top left) is expected at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USA, with private jets ferrying celebrities (bottom left, rapper Chance the Rapper) into Sin City as bets worth more than a million dollars are placed on the bout.And while the line-up in the ring has had people talking for months, it is the Corona ring girls - Tawny Jordan (top right), Samantha Kumiko, Kyra Keli and Jessica Harbour (shown together, bottom right) - who very well could steal the limelight from the two men in gloves.Im Ju-Hwan is such a versatile actor,when will he delight us with a leading role in a drama,he is such a terrific actor to still be wasted as a second lead... He's so handsome in the Bride of Habaek but his role is kinda ?? Your character Gong Jun Su in Ugly Alert is my ideal man. You and Kim Woo-Bin compliment each other's performances extremely well. My wife and I were talking the other day how he is always playing the silently intense role... Man, his reaction in Uncontrollaby Fond where his father is lying drunk in bed AND his girl is crying on the phone, but all he can do is be a filial son and carry the burdens of his whole family (hope I didn't reveal too much)... Well, whether he plays the good or bad guy roles, I really like this guy. after watching his latest drama series shine or go crazy i started to browse information about him, movies, mv, drama and achievements well i am very much satisfied with all his role.. Funny thing is I visited this site many times but I have never put my own comment. I know showbiz had been unfair to him, but what yours is yours. He is tall and he has the handsome face of a matinee idol.He shines in all his projects,he really needs to shine in a leading role!!! The way he flirts with Soo Ah is so cheesy and unattractive omg lol. You are a wonderful actor, very versatile, keep working hard whatever role you get and let it shine the brightest. and now i am about to finish watching him at ds whats up! he is such a lovable great actor with a very flexible talent and captivating smile with that thin lips. this guy has an eye catching smile..., very humble appearance and base on my own opinion im joo hwan is a quite shy type of person... leading role or villain, a very natural actor with very captivating smile... I am not a big fan of K-Drama, but I ended up fangirling him. If Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk are making names for themselves as lead actors, Lim Ju-Hwan shouldn't be too far behind. Since Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk's military training is imminent, Lim Ju-Hwan should have no problem at all in filling the void that their absence will create. I'm a fan of the heartthrobs-three even though my heart really belongs to KHJ.) ...Using other people’s research or ideas without giving them due credit is plagiarism.

..honestly ive watched most of his movies and dramas..i can tell that he was an excellent actor.can portray every character that was given to him so undeniablly cool.he was handsome too.doubt that he will be at his best role on the drama Bride of the Water God..i like you on.every role u are in. Godblesd This guy is so handsome in the bride of the water god as Hoo Ye! I wish that when we look into the cast we're told if married, dating, single. I don't know why, but as I watched Oh My Ghostess, I was entranced by his character. I love you in "Shine or Go Crazy." I think that you should be starring left and right in your own drama series. and I'm impressed with his acting in the ending scene of the latest episode (ep 15). Please be a guest again in RM~ In the episode where you came with Song Joong Ki & Jo In Sung, I only looked at you because you really caught my attention~ Hahaha sorry for the long comment but I just couldn't help it~ LJH totally got me smitten!Last night the fighters faced off for the final time until they meet in the ring, with both men making appearances at the official weigh-in (centre).A 22-year-old former Gold Coast rugby league player has been charged with murder after allegedly dousing his brother in petrol before setting him on fire at their Queensland home.sources: xxteukxx / hayeonsoo_ / taeyeon_ss / rv_doubles / camille_cee / leeseowonphil / polina_choi / forsr17g / rv fb / redvelvetupdates yt / bae joohyun yt / wenever / 임채영 / reveluv fiona / wnc joy / n'ha-a-tik / podorv / dear my moon / 94irreplaceable / thinkb / 5tinvn com / sky lavender / linky0811 / mu tia / nct_tts / rvpodo / kimmie_han / juriyeyo / irenetherial / rocketxplanet / wenever tw / rv instathis was not a concert, it was an experience!i looove that it had an entire plot going on and was so theatrical, the setlist was perfect and i'm here for every single outfit. If you are interested in learning some unconventional ways to get a guy attracted to you.

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