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There are certain things that anime & manga fans tend to take in stride after following the medium for a while that, to outsiders, would probably seem ludicrous.

Ahead of the Destiny 2 gameplay live stream on May 18 and the September 8 release date, Bungie has revealed new artwork and info.

With her love for gladness, Pollyanna manages to cheer up the depressed, the lonely and the sick.

The day in which she is involved in a terrible accident, not even the little girl knows if she'll be able to ever be glad for anything again.

It takes you through the high school life of Judy Abbot and her mysterious benefactor called Jhon Smith. Sandybell is the story of a girl who lives in Scotland with her father. See full summary » Based on the two "Glad Books" by Eleanor H.

She spends her time playing with her faithful dog (Oliver) and her friends. See full summary » Georgie lives happily in an Australian farm with her family, but she doesn't know she was found in a wood and adopted. Porter, Pollyanna is a newly orphaned girl sent to live with her strict Aunt Polly in the town of Beldingsville.

In Japan if you’re arrested, it’s seen by the police and the prosecutor and even by society at large as a sign of your guilt. This is due largely to the existence of Japan’s supremely high conviction rate, 99 percent, and a blind trust and commitment to the institutions wielding power.

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