Afraid of dating

I have my own reasons for that so let me share them with you. I am not afraid of sleeping alone—I am afraid of sleeping with the wrong guy It’s not a big deal if I am going to bed alone.

Maybe at some stages of my life things like that will make me sad, but I am totally cool with this currently.

There are relationship girls — the ones who always seem to have a boyfriend, who don’t show up to parties alone and who seem to have no trouble getting guys — and then there are the single girls, who are totally happy and have active social lives.At my new job, I was introduced to professionals in my field via email and attended webinars from the comfort of my office.On the weekends, my roommates and I perused Yelp to decide which Seamless restaurant to order from and find out which neighborhood bar was open until 4 AM.On the contrary, I could just put my earphones on and enjoy my meal along with my favorite song. I don’t want to end up with a guy who doesn’t give a damn about me. If I am going to make love with someone, then it has to be perfect. You know, that feeling when you are invited to a wedding but you don’t have an escort?Well, I used to think about it in a negative way but now I overcame that problem.So the question is: “Why do people always attract that negative person who will make a living hell out of their life? ” Frankly speaking, I have been through so many shitty relationships so far and the last thing I want to do now is to go through all that pain again.

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