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Any Kiwi single who's spent time dating is aware of the 'dating commandments' - rules like be on time, groom yourself, don't be rude.But did you know that they aren't the only first date deal-breakers?It’s a great source if you want to browse through a number of different topics. “The rules” developed by this dating coach to attract and keep a man are likely to work well – they are built on male psychology. A bit more low key, fun and not so serious in tone as some of the other blogs. This is one woman’s take on love, dating and relationships. The blogs are personal, relatable and easy to read. And reclaiming that baggage of yours…You find it here.

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Just as the excitement grows, your date starts to pull away, becomes distant and unavailable and next thing you know, they’ve done a Phantom and you’re out in the cold. While they still experience love like anyone else, the feelings can be more intense and scary than they are for most people.

Elite Singles' latest study of 500 New Zealanders has revealed the 10 missteps that you didn't know were costing you that second date.

We asked 200 Kiwi members of Elite Singles to pick their favourite rom-coms; with their help we've narrowed it down to a top 10.

Read more Your smile is key to making a great first impression.

But what can you do to make sure your teeth are date ready?

If so - I hope to help you here with advice on how to deal with the most common problems with cyber dating and relationships.

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