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Lin continued to be played sparingly and again spent time in the D-League.

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She had been worried that her blue Cube bicycle would be sold to someone else if she didn't act quickly.

The bike had vanished from Bristol city centre after someone cut through her bike lock's chain.

In a bid to track it down, Morton-Humphreys posted a picture of the bike on the Bristol Cycling Group Facebook page and asked anyone who saw it to get in touch.

Shutterstock There once was a time in America — not too long ago — when the ebony and ivory piano keys, metaphorically, could not legally live in harmony. gradually warmed up to the idea of a Black and White union:1959 – 4 percent1971 – 29 percent1982 – 43 percent1995 – 48 percent2008 – 77 percent2013 – 87 percent Stats also show that Blacks have always approved Black-White marriages more than Whites.

When The Supremes were in full swing with their shimmery dresses and funky hairstyles, Black and White love was strictly forbidden. Well, let’s take a look at today’s interracial couples in America by the numbers, shall we? In 1969, 56 percent of Blacks were down for the swirl compared to only 17 percent of Whites.

Jenni Morton-Humphreys, 30, planned a sting operation with a stranger and had her expensive German racing bike back within the space of 24 hours from when it was stolen last weekend.

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