Adult webcams through kinect


The Kinect uses Infra Red (IR) technology, the same technology that is used by paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.

That’s what I find myself asking the more I read about Kinect, the company’s motion-sensing Xbox 360 add-on due out this fall.

Depending on the game or app, you can control your Xbox One using the Kinect via voice commands and gestures or your controller.

It is designed to interact with you in multiple ways.

A number of the Kinect Ghost videos show a ghost player moving around and engaging with the system.

They desire to live as independently as possible, but independent lifestyles come with risks, such as debilitating falls that limit mobility.

For those of you familiar with Sony’s PS2, you might recall that the original Eye Toy was released back in 2004.

Not that the Eye Toy was very sophisticated back then, but it was the first major console device to have in-game motion-sensing capability.

Prime Sense is an Israeli company founded in 2005 by Aviad Maizels, Alexander Shpunt, Ophir Sharon, Tamir Berliner and Dima Rais.

The company was selected by MIT technological review as one of world's 50 most innovative companies for 2011.

Microsoft developed the Xbox Kinect as a webcam-style add-on peripheral device that enables users to control and interact with their console or computer without the need for a controller, through a 'natural user interface' using gestures and spoken commands.

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