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- The Sycamore Community Center, located in Blue Ash, serves 31 communities in the Cincinnati area.

The center is a focal point for programs designed for older adults.

Claire: I have lived in Cincinnati my entire life (minus a few months in Berlin) and it’s been a wonderful place to call home, both growing up and as a young adult.

- Important evaluations for older adults in the community can be found in the partnership Maple Knoll Village has with the University of Cincinnati Geriatric Evaluation Center located on the Maple Knoll Village campus.

- Maple Knoll Communities has set up a Speaker’s Bureau of professionals available for you next event.

But after moving to the Queen City for graduate school, I knew pretty immediately that I had fallen in love.

Cincinnati has a lot of your standard Midwestern city things: good beer, fall, and old beautiful houses, but it also has many unique things.

So many that Claire and I had a really tough time narrowing this guide down to what we think are Cincinnati’s greatest hits.

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