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This policy topic is included in the APIS Highlight on Underage Drinking section.

The Highlight's Overview of Underage Drinking Policy in the United States provides additional context that may be helpful in understanding this policy topic.

Both of us can attest to doing some of the "wrong" things in our early twenties and seriously cringing about it now. Weddings are weird and emotional events, and so much of what's considered "OK" to do is cultural and regional, but as Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding has written, "at its most basic form, etiquette is just about providing us enough of a common rule book that we can all be kind to each other." With that in mind, we asked friends, family, and fellow Buzz Feed staffers their ~burning questions~ about going to modern American weddings to break down the basic dos, don'ts, and GTFOs once and for all. It sucks when this happens at weddings where you won't know anyone, but it happens.*If your invitation came in an opened only to immediately discover another envelope — which is totally A Thing — the names on the inner envelope are the ones to pay attention to, per the Emily Post Institute.

STEP ONE – Get hired Make sure that the adult entertainment establishment has hired you. STEP TWO – Notarize your SAVE affidavit Obtain a copy of the SAVE affidavit and have it notarized.

in order to spend more time with your hot boyfriend who lives out of town but frequently visits.

You bury yourself with work to pass the time in between seeing him again.

" — not "How many randos are you bringing along with you? Whether or not you get a plus-one, please, oh please, fill out your RSVP card and send it back promptly.* In this era of Facebook events and mass texts, it's easy to forget that for some occasions, there literally might not be a place for you to sit or food for you to eat if you don't respond.

As stressful as it is to make social plans that far in advance, it's much more stressful to accommodate someone who rolls up to the reception unexpectedly.

Oh, you also rediscover your love for boxed wine and have established a hardcore relationship with the cupcake shop around the corner. If you are spiritual, find a church and join their singles group! Got anymore tips for meeting the opposite sex in Salt Lake City?

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