Aci self consolidating concrete


The conventional workability test methods can provide significant contribution to the growing demand of quantifying the structural buildup at rest of concrete, which is a challenge for quality control of SCC on jobsites.

SCC mixtures proportioned with various materials and designed to develop different fresh and hardened characteristics were prepared.

An increasing number of specifiers and contractors alike are starting to see the real benefits offered by SCC, but there is still a reticence to fully accept this technology by a large segment of the cast-in-place industry.

The main reasons for this are the consistency of the product, cost of the material, and concerns with formwork pressure.

This investigation offers guidelines to evaluate residual bond strength in multilayer casting for SCC of different thixotropic levels.

Login to the SCC Zone Are you a current customer and what to design an OUTSTANDING, OPTIMIZED SCC mix?In this study, sustainable self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mixes were produced in which 80% of the cement was partially replaced with various combinations of minerals.Relationships were developed between the splitting tensile strength and the 28-day compressive strength for the control concrete mix as well as the mixes in which cement was partially replaced with mineral admixtures.Bond strength was determined using the slant shear and direct shear test setups.In both testing methods, a delay time between the casting of the first and the second layers was set to a maximum of 60 minutes.American Concrete Institute ACI Materials Journal March/April 2017Bond Strength in Multilayer Casting of Self-Consolidating Concreteby Wael A. Khayat Newswise — Placement of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) in mat foundation and large wall elements often necessitates the casting of concrete in multiple lifts that can lead to lift line formation, which could result in aesthetic defects and structural deficiencies.

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