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The tribunal ruled in her favour, saying the agency had discriminated against Johnstone on the basis of her family status.

Mandamin's ruling supported the tribunal's findings. "The CBSA allowed individualized assessments of employees seeking accommodation on medical or religious grounds but responded to Ms.

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Johnstone filed a complaint that ultimately came before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in 2010.Justin Bieber’s India tour rider includes a “Indian Yoga casket”, a jacuzzi and a press release that lists all his demands out for Hp MJHJM— Arjun S Ravi (@arjun_s_ravi) May 3, 2017 Yoga fan: The 23-year-old singer requires a Jacuzzi to 'unwind' before hitting the stage, as well as a special Indian yoga casket complete with essential oils and incense sticks for complete relaxation His special requests - which he will have paid for himself - also reportedly include white crew-neck T-shirts, tank tops and socks in every dressing room.Johnstone on the basis of a blanket policy that required her to forfeit her status as a full-time employee," Mandamin wrote."The CBSA's policy was based on the arbitrary assumption that the need for accommodation on the basis of family obligations was merely the result of choices that individuals make, rather than legitimate need." Canada's demographics alone are a factor in the emerging trend, Rudner said.As the buildings were etstablished 120 boys were accomodated in two dormitory style buildings.

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