Absolute agency dating service


"Amour of Ukraine" is based in Odessa and I know that there are other honest agencies with similar sounding names.

I put the following WEB site together as a warning to others:- On 11 September 2000, Virtual Avenue responded to my complaint and informed they were removing Amour of Ukraine's accounts.

Since I am a single, divorced man, 35 years old, I wanted to find a kind, new person in my life. To begin with I replied to several ads at Absolute Agency Dating Service, and I was corresponding with more than one girl - actually four, and two of them surprised me by sending me the same picture - with different faces!!

Today I have specially come running in internet-cafe to receive your letters. It is rainy here from the early morning, and as I am romantic person, weather influences me much.

But sometimes you feel that you are missing a friend, a soulmate, a love of your life or just a date to be ABSOLUTELY happy...

6) they do not address your letter except for a few lines at the start 7) the body of what they say is too general 8) they purposefully do not get to the point in order to string out the number of letters Real Russian girls would never complain about money, ever. To me have told in travel agency, that it is necessary to make individual tourist round. Tomorrow to me will tell the price and as the visa will open long. I would like to make the visa up to this time to lead(carry out) these two weeks with you. Except for the gratitude, beauty and love I can not offer you anything more. I think that the love contains in itself so and trust to each other, I want say that you can trust me because I can't deceive you, because I love you and want to be only with you my darling. I believe that our love will help us to overcome all difficulties and will help us to incorporate in unique organizm. (Her handle is [email protected]) When I was in Odessa a couple of months ago I tried to look up this lady, and the information I was given was all false. I finish the letter because has late come in internet-cafe. You to me have told about the life, for what I am very grateful to you. It is the address of branch Western Union in Krasnoyarsk city. Learn(find out) please for these services because I never received money and I do not know as it to make. You see it is very important thing, for two people loving each other. And each of us wants that his second half satisfied not only morally, but also physically. Money should be sent to the address: ALFA BANK LENINA ST., 121 KRASNOYARSK 660021 RU LARISA KORKINA. Come Membro, tu puoi cercare il tuo partner ideale, vedere il suo profilo e le sue foto, contattare chi vuoi, inserire il tuo annuncio personale, inserire le tue foto.

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