A methodology for validating software product metrics


The Coupling Factor (CF) is evaluated as a fraction.

The numerator represents the number of non-inheritance couplings.

At the conceptual level, goals are set prior to metrics collection.

According to the GQM organisational goals are understood to shape project goals.

The term "software quality metrics" illustrate the picture of measuring the software qualities by recording the number of defects or security loopholes present in the software.

Software metric is a broader concept that incorporates software quality metrics in it, and mainly consists of three types of metrics: It is not possible to manage anything until you can't measure it.

(2016) Test Scenarios and Validation Results of POP Methodology.

In: Świątek J., Borzemski L., Grzech A., Wilimowska Z.

Cohesion of a class is the degree to which the local methods are related to the local instance variables in the class High cohesion indicates good class subdivision.

Lack of cohesion or low cohesion increases complexity, thereby increasing the likelihood of errors during the development process.

Classes with low cohesion could probably be subdivided into two or more subclasses with increased cohesion.

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