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Amanda too is well realised, verging on desperate with her relentless pursuit of the perfect man, the perfect wedding and the perfect life.This goes down especially well when she breaks the fourth wall to serenade her beautiful bus-boy from the audience with Mariah’s Christmas classic.The fall date is reasonably firm, because the birth of John the Baptizer (a.k.a.John the Baptist) is known accurately from the transitions among the chief priests in the Jeruaslam Temple as mentioned in the Bible. For the quintessential 90’s child, that’s a stacked scoop of nostalgia – childhood memories of Pokémon, playing Snake on a Nokia phone and the mysterious world of the internet all surge back to the surface.Swipe Right Theatre Company and the King’s Head Theatre bring the decade that saw the birth of speed dating and the rise of style group of four girls – Jess (Granger) has just been dumped by her perfect boyfriend and is understandably inconsolable.Both measure the number of years since the approximate birthday of Yeshua of Nazareth (a.k.a. Designation of a particular year in BC and BCE also have identical values.For example, Yeshua is believed to have been born circa 4 to 7 BCE, (a.k.a. Many people assume that Yeshua/Jesus was born a few days before the end of December, during 1 BCE.

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But her three girlfriends are on hand to make her feel better with speed dating – meeting new men and getting back in the game.However, most theologians and religious historians estimate that of some year between 7 and 4 BCE.We have seen estimates as late as 4 CE and as early as the second century BCE.The birth of Jesus is known approximately relative to his cousin John's birth.Of course, one has the option of interpreting the letter "C" in CE and BCE as referring to "Christian" or "Christ's," in place of "common." "CE" then becomes "Christian Era." "BCE" becomes "Before the Christian Era." The Abbreviations Dictionary does exactly this.However, during last 30-40 years, several new scientific tools and techniques have been developed, which are capable to determining the dates of any ancient events in scientific and precise manner.

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