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Hookin’ Up Holy – “It’s our goal to help build intimacy and fun within the marriage bed, and strengthen the bonds of holy matrimony, because spouses who play together stay together.” The Intimate Couple – A Christian site for both men and women that explores emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and sexual intimacy in marriage.

Marriage-Vineyard – An online Christian store where married couples can shop together for things that may ignite their intimacy and passion together.

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Unbiased analysis correlating the degree of medial thalamic atrophy with cortical thickness measurements mapped bilateral frontocentral, lateral temporal, and mesiotemporal cortices.In his characteristic style, Kevin Leman addresses a wide spectrum of people, from those with no sexual experiences to those with past sexual problems or even abuse. Gary Chapman – A book that helps couples learn how to better communicate love to their spouse, in a “language” they can hear.(Article) The Power of a Praying Wife by: Stormie Omartian – Omartian shares how wives can develop a deeper relationship with their husbands by praying for them.To assess thalamocortical network pathology in TLE, we mapped pointwise patterns of thalamic atrophy and statistically related them to neocortical thinning.Methods: We studied cross-sectionally 36 patients with drug-resistant TLE and 19 age- and sex-matched healthy control subjects using high-resolution MRI.Globalization has increased human interaction around the world due to technological advances and the diminishing significance of state and territory borders.

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