1 year dating anniversary gifts for girlfriend


For a gift that you can add to over the next several years, have a T-shirt printed with a picture of the two of you when you first met and one recent photo.

First, you have to actually remember it’s a significant day of the year.

The two of you know each other well enough that she’s probably mentioned by now a few things she likes or would like to do.

Concert tickets are a great gift, even if it’s a musical act you’re not exactly pumped to go see.

At this point in your relationship, she’s probably looking for commitment.

I genuinely loved certain family traditions like the annual gathering of as many friends as possible to take over a local Tex-Mex restaurant for Christmas Eve lunch – before we all got older and had responsibilities that made it impossible to keep it going.

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Expressing your love in the form of a gift can be tricky.

When you hit the six-month mark, your relationship is officially “serious.” Therefore, a night or two away is a great way to celebrate this milestone. Choose a destination that’s a few hours away and have a couple of ideas formulated on where to eat out and an attraction or two to hit up.

Once you and your girlfriend have successfully made it to the one-year mark, an anniversary gift doesn’t have to come with a price tag.

If you’re really struggling for a specific gift idea, then go with a bouquet of flowers and a spa gift certificate.

A man can never go wrong with a mani/pedi, massage or facial.

Photo Credit: Etsy Some of the best creative gifts come from adding a twist on everyday objects.

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